On land or sea, the GF-Jib

Lindsay Rodriguez of Cine Moves USA kindly sent these recent shots of the GF-Jib on location with them:

It was for a Carnival Cruise Lines commercial in the Bahamas. Wally Phister was directing and Jimmy Laraca AD. They are longtime friends of Key Grip, Scott Howell the owner of Cine Moves. Knowing Scott/Cine Moves had a plane and multiple types of cranes and sizes they called him on Saturday for a job on Sunday. We pulled the back seats out of the Cessna, loaded it all up and took off. Your GF-Jib fit PERFECTLY by the way and they said we saved their asses……
You can word it how you like : )
Camera Heads
Camera Heads Camera Heads Camera Heads Camera Heads Camera Heads

Cine Moves Inc. rent and sell GFM equipment in the USA and have branches in Orlando, FL - Miami, FL - New Orleans, LA - Atlanta, GA - Wilmington, NC - New York, NY - Albuquerque, NM - Los Angeles, CA
Many thanks Lindsay, from all your friends at GFM