GF-Slider Basic Set

The GF-Slider System is available in 7 standard lengths.

Each basic Slider package includes:


— 2 precision rails

— 2 end mounts with 360° »tooth system«

— tracking carriage with 2 low height adjusters


    — Quiet, smooth and stable, high precision rails

    — Low profile (can be operated on the ground)

    — 7 rail lengths to choose from

    — Interchangeable rails

    — Rails drilled with 3/8” holes 1” apart allowing easy accessory attachment

    — Tracking carriage for Mitchell, bowl or Euro-adapter mounts

    — Euro-adapter or Mitchell base mount

    — Adjustable side plates for repositioning on rails

    — Additional height adjusters for height extension of the camera mount

    — End mount adapters (scaffold, lighting stand, levelling legs)

    — Bangi mode (for off-set panning and table top or tight tracking shots)