AL-2375S - GF-HiLo Swivel Set incl. Transport Case

SKU: AL-2375S

The GF-HiLo Swivel Brackets enable a fluid change of camera position from high to low or underslung to overslung within seconds.

The speed clamps have an active engage and disengage locking mechanism.


    • Long Swivel section (41cm/16") (AL-2376)
    • Short Swivel section (23cm/9") (AL-2377)
    • Combi-Rig Tube Set (3 tubes =15cm, 35cm, 73cm) (AL-2362S)
    • Tube connector for Combi-Rig (incl. tool) (AL-2362)
    • 2 safety screws for tubes (AL-2364)
    • Double Euro-Adapter (AL-2405)
    • Connector for counterweight rod on Euro-adapter M12 (AL-2363)
    • Counterweight rod (horizontal/vertical) (AL-2361)
    • Transport Case (68 x 35 x 30 cm)