The GF-GRIP KIT System is a multifunctional rigging tool for building various sized bazooka bases, track dollies, rolling spiders as well as customized camera mounts, built on set to suit the operational requirements. All Grip Kit components are surface hardened, high grade aluminum, ensuring protection and durability (Hart-Coat®).
Grip Kit-Track Dolly with seat and riser
Grip Kit-Platform Dolly with platform
The centre plate is available as Mitchell, Euro-adapter or Euro-clamp (Ø80mm) accepting Combi-rig tubes, Mitchell and Bowl mounts as well as adjustable and fixed risers. Various sized track or studio dollies can be built by adding Skateboard or Studio Wheels.​The complete kit fits neatly into one custom designed flight case.
The Extension Legs come in 4 sizes and up to 5 of them can be connected to the center plate at any one time.
Grip Kit with scaffold legs
Grip Kit with studio wheels
Grip Kit with adjustable gas riser